alternatives to catalogues

Online Alternatives to Catalogues

Catalogue shopping is something many UK customers love to do. It allows you to buy nearly anything you need for the home, from furniture to new electricals and appliances, from the comfort of your home. If you need new clothing for the family, shoes, jewelry, or accessories, you can find these items online as well. However, catalogue shopping does incur interest rates for most shoppers who finance. And, there are some people who won’t be approved for catalogue financing. So, what are your alternatives?

Consider shopping locally

Even for high-priced items, or if you are buying a new living room or dining room set, many local shops offer discounts. And, you can apply for a card in store, with many of these shops. Many don’t require a credit check, and even offer 90-day interest free payments if you pay the full price within that period. So, consider this as an alternative, if you won’t be approved for financing or credit approval with catalogue vendors.

Traditional credit card payments

You can always use an already open credit card account to shop, locally as well as online. Many sites even offer incentives or discounts if you order a certain value when placing orders online, so look for these incentives and available discounts. You will pay interest rates which are typically higher than catalogues, but if you aren’t going to be approved for catalogue financing, it is a viable option for shopping through catalogue sites.

Consider second-hand purchases

There are many items you can buy used or second-hand, for much less than the new items you want to buy through catalogues. In fact, many refurbished items are simply customer returns, and because they are repackaged, rather than in brand new packaging, you can oftentimes save half, if not more, when purchasing this way, rather than new. If you are on a tight budget, consider used, second-hand, and refurbished for electricals.

Amazon is a great online site to buy nearly anything. And, the site has stepped up to compete with catalogues. For items like Kindles, other e readers, electricals, and higher-priced items, it now offers customers to put down 20%, and then set up a credit card to withdraw equal monthly payments every 30-days, until the remaining balance is paid in full. And, the best part is it is interest-free. Plus, you know you’re dealing with one of the most reputable online catalogue sites, so can rely on quality of the items you’ll receive.

Whether you want to find alternatives to find lower prices, greater discounts, or simply haven’t been approved for a particular catalogue, today you do have options when it comes to shopping online. And, you don’t have to worry about these options being exceedingly costly when it comes to financing the purchase of the items you are going to be ordering. If you are ready to shop, save, and want more than one option to choose from, in addition to the traditional catalogue shopping you’re used to, these are a few options to consider for online shoppers.