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buy now pay later catalogues

Buy Now Pay Later Catalogues, Stores & Shops

Imagine the opportunity to buy your favorite clothing, have it delivered to your door the next day, and not have to make payments on those items for week? Or, new electricals and major appliances for the home you otherwise couldn’t afford, are far more affordable when you can spread out the purchase price over several years, rather than pay them up front.

These are a couple of the luxuries that buy now pay later financing affords its customers, when they choose to order items through top catalogues, rather than rely on loans or traditional credit cards when ordering these items.

Why buy now pay later (versus loan/credit card)?

One reason is the ability to minimise payments. Another is the fact that you can choose to pay weekly or monthly. And, many catalogues offer interest free specials and promotions at any given time, meaning you can defer, or even avoid paying interest altogether, on the items you order with online catalogues.

With credit cards, you have to pay a high interest rate and you pay monthly. With loans, you are typically limited if you have a low credit score, or will pay extremely high interest, if you want to be approved. With buy now pay later, you strike a happy balance in between both extremes. You will pay interest, but there are ways to avoid certain fees. And, you can limit the amount you pay, when you choose from monthly or weekly repayment options.

You have more flexibility with shopping when you choose buy now pay later, as opposed to other traditional lines of credit when ordering items online. So, you can spend more, you can spend smartly, and you can find the items you otherwise couldn’t afford, for a far more manageable and reasonable price, when you choose the option to buy now pay later.

Do all catalogues offer buy now pay later financing?

Most of the top UK catalogues do offer some form of buy now pay later financing to its local customers. In order to apply an applicant has to be 18 years of age or older. Individuals who apply for a line of credit also have to provide proof of verifiable income and must have proof of residency (typically for 2-3-years with most companies).

Due to the nature of online financing, it is important to understand what different catalogues offer, to ensure the best deals are found the best financing options are offered, and to ensure the terms you can keep up with when financing. Most offer weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payment options to their customers. Like anything, it is important to compare the top catalogues to find the best terms, and lowest interest rates on items being purchased, when the time comes to place online orders with top catalogues.

There are many great benefits of catalogue shopping and purchasing from catalogues rather than paying up front for items you purchase. This is especially true for higher-priced items, and those which are costlier than the typical items you purchase for your family. When you understand the terms, limits, and no-interest periods, you can easily save on the items you want to order online.

And, you can find the catalogues which are not only going to offer you the terms you can abide by, but you will also find the online catalogue sites that provide you financing options for weekly, for monthly, and for repayments which are most affordable for you as a customer, when the time comes for you to place your online orders with different sites.

spread the cost catalogues

Spread the Cost: Pay Monthly & Weekly Catalogues & Stores

You don’t have to pay the full price up front for a new curved HDTV nor do you have to incur extremely high interest rates for a traditional credit card purchase. In fact, the use of pay weekly or pay monthly catalogues, is a way to avoid both of these things. And, with many catalogues offering certain interest free financing promotions and other specials, there are many great ways to shop, to save, and find the items you want to order, for a price you can afford to pay for these items.

How do these catalogues work?

There’s really no guesswork. You simply apply for an account, and you set up the credit based on pay weekly or pay monthly. Depending on the items you order, your account balance, and possible promos or interest free terms being offered, you can oftentimes make payments as low as £2-3 per week, on major electricals and name-brand appliances. With so many catalogues, not only can you find terms you can abide by, but also reasonable prices for the items you want to buy, and can afford making payments on each week or each month.

Is weekly or monthly right for you?

This depends on several things. What you are buying, the amount you want to finance, the approval limits you are offered, whether there are interest free periods, and other promotions being offered. Only by taking the time to compare terms, financing limits, and restrictions on each of the accounts and with top catalogues, are you going to find what works best for you. And, when you do take the time to compare a few top sites, you can easily find the ones which will not only offer you the best terms, but higher lending limits as well.

Will anyone be approved?

Catalogues do tend to be more lenient when compared to credit cards. You have to show proof of income, residency, and must be older than 18. As long as you meet this criterion a credit check is run, and credit scores are used to determine your financing amount. Once this is set, you can often place an order the same day you are approved for an account with the online catalogue site you choose to apply for a line of credit with.

Is approval guaranteed?

As mentioned above, it is not guaranteed, but it is higher than percentage of approvals with other types of credit cards or loans. Most people who are approved receive financing options which are reasonably aligned with their credit score and history. If you are a responsible shopper, not only will you likely be approved, but will possibly get a high limit as well when you are approved for an account with a catalogue site.

Do all catalogues offer the option of weekly or monthly?

No; however, a majority of the sites do offer their customers weekly or monthly financing options when they set up their financing accounts. You should compare a few of the top catalogues, the terms offered, and find out what their restrictions/limitations are, to ensure you can keep up with the payments and types of limits which are in place with the type of account you have. Only by comparing a few catalogues will you find one that works for you, and one with repayment terms you can afford as well.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one credit card or apply through a single catalogue lender when the time comes to choose where to go for financing the items you want to purchase online. There are many great sites you can visit, which offer different terms, based upon your ability to repay. Whether you prefer weekly or monthly, there is more than one site that will work with you. So, when the time comes for you to decide which catalogues you are going to apply with, these are a few of the many factors to consider, to choose the right one, and find the terms that work best for you when you need to finance items you want to order online.

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bad credit catalogues

Bad Credit & No Credit Check Catalogues

Shoppers who have bad credit or no credit history can greatly benefit from financing options offered with bad credit and no credit check catalogues. Sure, there are certain restrictions, and purchasing limits will be lower than traditional credit accounts. With this being said, it does afford you the opportunity to buy on finance, rebuild (or start) your credit score, and also purchase items you otherwise couldn’t afford, without the opportunity to finance purchases you want to make online.

How do these catalogues work?

For the most part, they are similar to secured credit cards. With these catalogues you will receive a very low line of credit; you will be required to make your payment in full prior to being able to place other orders through the catalogue site. Over time, and when you show you are a reliable customer, who makes their payments on time, you will likely receive an increase in your credit limit. This not only allows you to buy more but may possibly be approved for different financing options with the catalogue sites as well.

Is approval guaranteed?

It is not guaranteed, but it is a way to rebuild your credit, so more often than not, even if you have poor credit score, and credit history, you will be approved for something. Due to the fact that you aren’t a trustworthy borrower, from previous credit transactions, you will have limits in place as to how much you can spend, and the types of items you can buy. But, you are going to be approved for some line of credit with no credit check or bad credit catalogues online.

Do all credit catalogues offer financing?

No, not every UK catalogue offers bad credit financing or no credit check financing. In fact, it is a select few which offer these options to those who want to borrow, and do not have a strong credit history or score. Because you have defaulted in the past, or have had issues with repayment, not all credit and catalogue sites are likely to extend you an offer for financing. Therefore, if you are approved, there are restrictions. And, depending on the items you want to buy, and type of catalogues you do your shopping with, you will find that not every lender is willing to work with you as a bad credit borrower.

Can you eventually get traditional credit?

Possibly. Because these catalogues offer you a way to build up your score and rebuild your credit rating it is possible for you to get traditional financing through other catalogues at a later time. So, you can apply for traditional financing, find catalogues that might offer you a lower limit, or otherwise find catalogue sites that will work with you in different ways, as a bad credit borrower. The only way to ensure you find the terms that work for you, and reasonable financing options, is to begin with no credit check and bad credit catalogues, and you’ll eventually find more catalogues will be willing to work with you, when you build your credit score up a bit by making payments on time.

Just because you’ve had problems making payments in the past, have been late on accounts, or even had delinquent accounts in the past, doesn’t mean you’ll never be approved for credit in the future. In fact, there are many catalogues that are willing to work with you, as long as you prove you are willing to make changes, can make your payments on time, and take the time to work to improve upon your credit score and history. Bad credit and no credit check catalogues, are a few great options to turn to if you have less than stellar credit and want to finance the items you buy online.

These are a few of the many things one has to consider, if they plan on ordering items through financing catalogues. Not only to ensure they choose the right ones to apply with, but also to ensure they find the most reasonable terms for the items they plan on ordering online. With so many catalogues, even if you don’t have the best credit score and rating, there are options available to you. Consider no credit check and bad credit catalogues when you’re ready to apply for a line of credit online.